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Top Five Benefits of Hiring a General Contractor

When you have a new construction project to complete, hiring a general contractor is a must. The pros of hiring a general contractor for your construction project far outweigh the costs—especially if you’re not a contractor yourself. YouTube might have some good tutorials, but nothing makes up for the time, skill, effort and licensure general contractors bring to the table.

Here are the top five benefits of hiring a general contractor for your next construction project:

  • They know the building codes: One of the most important things to consider for your project is your local building codes. All buildings must be constructed according to these building codes, or else you could face major fines and fees or, worst of all, be forced to rip out the construction and start over. That can get expensive fast. Your general contractor not only knows the building codes, but they’ll also secure the necessary permits before construction begins.
  • They understand what a project requires: Maybe you want to remodel your kitchen—some new cabinets, flooring, paint and appliances is all it takes, right? Maybe not. Your general contractor will be able to look at your desired design and tell you whether it’s practical, whether you’ll need new plumbing and electricity and other things that you might not have considered. It’s a worthwhile investment—especially because you don’t want to get halfway through your project only to find your old wiring can’t support your new double oven.
  • They’re licensed, insured and bonded: What happens if someone gets hurt on your property? If you’re not working with a licensed, insured and bonded contractor, you could be opening yourself up to a whole host of legal issues. Working with a reputable general contractor ensures that not only will the workers be trained appropriately, but there will be recourse if something goes wrong. Protect yourself and work with someone who’s fully licensed.
  • They’ll manage the project from beginning to end: It’s easy to get in over your head with a construction project, especially when you’re managing multiple subcontractors, deliveries and schedules. A general contractor not only helps build your construction project, but they’ll manage everyone and everything it involves. All you have to do is give approval (and pay the bills).
  • They know how to fix any problems that arise: If this is your first kitchen remodel, chances are that you don’t quite understand everything that can and will go wrong throughout the process. A general contractor, on the other hand, knows exactly what your project requires. If your refrigerator arrives dented, they’ll know who to contact to get it fixed. If the quartz countertops are the wrong shade, they’ll go back to their supplier for help. Whatever the problem, a good general contractor knows how to fix it.

Looking for a general contractor for your next construction project? Now that you know the pros of hiring one, call the team at Lewis and Tibbitts, Inc. today to arrange a consultation. We look forward to learning more about what you’re looking for in a general contractor.