Water Utility Installation in San Jose, CA

Lewis and Tibbitts, Inc. is the authority for wet utility and water pipeline installation projects in San Jose, CA. From simple main installation to mainline piping, hydrant and appurtenance installation, we’re routinely trusted for water utility installation by organizations like San Jose Water Company, California Water Service Company and institutional waterworks partners.

Clients choose us for water utility installation not only because of our deep familiarity with wet utilities and their coordination, but also because of our peripheral capabilities. We’re available for asphalt repaving and sealing after an underground water pipeline installation, and our utility servicing extends right into the building! Expect a scope of work that other utility contractors simply can’t match.

Wet Utility Installation

Clients trust us for wet utility installation because we do the whole job, the right way. From the installation of thousands of linear feet of 12” DICL pipe, to flushing and water quality testing, our value proposition is rooted in a complete breadth of services. Some of the core services we can coordinate and install include:

  • Mainline pipe
  • Water storage tanks
  • Pump stations
  • Sewer and storm drain installation
  • Hydrants and appurtenances

Residential and Commercial Services

Our experience and scope of capabilities lends itself to water pipeline installation in both commercial and residential capacities. From road-to-house plumbing retrofits to brand-new water utility installation for a multi-million-dollar commercial development, we’re standing by to ensure the water flows smoothly and safely. Our reputation throughout San Jose and Santa Clara, CA means we’re often the first contractors on a jobsite, laying the foundation for essential wet utilities as the project progresses.

Get an Estimate on Wet Utility Services

Lewis and Tibbitts, Inc. welcomes wet utility projects of all sizes and complexities—from retrofits and upgrades to engineered solutions for new developments. Contact us today at 408-925-0220 for more information about our water and dry utility installation abilities or to discuss a scope of work and a quote on asphalt paving and more.