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Why You Should Hire a Paving Company for Your Next Job

In need of some repairs for your home’s driveway, a parking lot at your business or a private drive on a large property? Your best option is to bring in the professionals to get the job done.

Even if you think you’re capable of handling some paving work yourself, there are a number of paving professionals near you, and choosing to hire one of them is going to be the right move for your project.

Here are a few examples of some of the benefits of working with a paving professional:

  • Save time: Paving professionals take on paving jobs every single day. This means they know all the ins and outs of the job, and the best ways to get the work done efficiently without compromising on quality. Rather than spending all of your free time during evenings or weekends filling in cracks and potholes or pouring new asphalt, you can get help from the professionals so you can focus your time on other things you’d rather be doing.
  • Quality work: When working with professionals, you’re almost certainly going to get better results than you would with a DIY job. Paving pros do not cut corners with their work, are thorough with their site preparation, understand how to ensure proper drainage in the area, stabilize the area with a good sub base and have access to all of the high-quality materials and equipment needed to get the job done well.
  • Save money: There is a possibility you could get the job done cheaper with DIY work. However, DIY work often needs to be redone or repaired sooner than professional work. So, while the initial price tag may be lower for a DIY job, ultimately you stand to save a significant amount of money by opting for professional paving, which will last you much longer. Again, you can trust that professionals have the equipment and know-how necessary to do good work the first time around. That reliability is worth the extra initial expense, and will help you avoid further financial headache down the line.
  • Avoid liability: Professional paving companies can help you avoid liability in a variety of ways. First, they’re going to be insured, which means any potential accidents that occur in the course of the job will not be your responsibility. Your random handyman is unlikely to carry that same sort of insurance. In addition, professionals can perform paving work that is compliant with ADA standards, which his particularly important for commercial properties. A lack of compliance could result in fines and liability issues in lawsuits. Avoid that liability by working with a team of professionals who know what they’re doing.

Interested in learning more about some of the major reasons why you should hire a paving company rather than trying to go for the cheaper DIY option? We encourage you to contact our team at Lewis and Tibbitts, Inc. with any questions. We’re capable of taking on a wide range of asphalt and concrete pavement work for residential and commercial properties, and would love to tell you more about how we can tackle your project.