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Should I Use Asphalt or Concrete for My Driveway?

Whether you’re building a new home from the ground up or need to replace the driveway at your current one, you might be wondering which is better for driveways: concrete or asphalt? Both materials are ideal for creating long-lasting, attractive driveways, but you should weigh these options carefully so you’re completely happy once your paving […]

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What You Need to Know About Digging a Drainage Trench

Flooding on your residential or commercial lot is a major problem. Not only does it look bad, but all of that excess water can cause some massive structural damage and lead to erosion. Digging a drainage trench is the best way to solve your flooding problem. A drainage trench is a perforated pipe that evenly […]

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Five Signs Your Parking Lot Needs Repairs

Could your parking lot use a little TLC? Maybe you’ve been putting off these repairs due to cost or time constraints. However, if your lot is showing the following signs of disrepair, you may want to look into asphalt paving sooner than later. Simply contact your local asphalt paving experts to restore your lot to […]

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Safe Strategies for Excavations Around Underground Utilities

Any type of digging you do involves some risk due to the volume of underground utility lines in our cities. Hitting an electrical, sewer, water or gas line can cause serious injuries and can even knock that utility out for the entire neighborhood. On top of that, hitting a utility line brings the entire construction […]

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How to Protect Yourself from Utility Scams

Unfortunately, scams have become all too common in the utility industry. Plus, criminals are trying new approaches and more complex schemes each year. Fortunately, there are some clear warning signs that you can watch for to identify fake underground utility contractors and avoid these scams. Use the following tips to keep your utilities, bank accounts […]

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