Safety is our First Priority

Lewis & Tibbitts Inc. is dedicated to maintaining a safe environment for its employees as well as the general public. Concerns for safety issues have high priority from our field workers to top management. We continuously update our expertise through training, reading, conferences and the use of the rich knowledge of our experienced staff. Our firm is in compliance with standards set by OSHA, and strives to exceed their safety standards whenever possible.

Gold Shovel Standard


As of June 2016, Lewis & Tibbitts Inc. is a Gold Shovel Standard Certified contractor. This is a safety certification and rating system for companies that perform excavation work. Gold Shovel Standard (GSS) aims to be a universally accepted, widely adopted, and ultimately legislatively mandated standard, which, within 3 years, reduces dig-ins from professional excavators by 50%. It’s a first of its kind effort to create a North American scale program, driven by industry and underpinned by data technology, to unify excavation safety under a single broadly meaningful professional brand, that raises the bar for excavators. By monitoring the performance of individual excavators across networks and geographies, GSS will be the first system capable of targeting incentives (positive and negative) directly at specific excavation companies on a national scale. Source:

CPR training at Lewis and Tibbitts, Inc.

Lewis & Tibbitts has implemented:

  • An Injury Illness Prevention Program
  • An Emergency Action Plan
  • Traffic Control Specifications
  • Shoring and Trench Standards
  • Competent Person Training
  • Confined Space Training
  • Hazardous Materials Accreditations
  • Certified Crane Operation

As an industry, construction in the United States has been prioritizing jobsite and employee safety like never before. This has led to a dramatic increase in safer practices, better tools, and comprehensive training resources.

Lewis and Tibbitts has used safety training by many industry professionals including:
Red Cross, 811 Underground Service Alert, & San Jose Police Department, Travelers Insurance, Click Safety and Enviro Safetech.

“As safety manager I strive to ensure that supervisors and foremen are trained in workplace safety and are familiar with regulations regarding their jobsites. As part of our program we try developing methods abating workplace hazards.”

— David Espinoza, L&T Safety Officer

How much do you know about safety?

Check out our Youtube construction safety video playlist:

Safety Training

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