Meet the Executive Team of Lewis and Tibbitts, Inc.

Buster Segura

Buster Segura — President & CEO

Buster Segura oversees the company operations and leads the management team by using tools from corporate financial analysis, corporate forecasting, and contract negotiations to coordinate field and office staff to strive for safety and quality in every project taken. Mr. Segura has a California State Contractors License for General Engineering and Electrical. Mr. Segura holds a bachelor’s degree from the California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo and has been with Lewis & Tibbitts since 2005.

Eddie Renshaw

Eddie Renshaw — Vice President & COO

Eddie Renshaw schedules and coordinates all water field projects for the company, while organizing subcontractors, project budgets and contracts. Mr. Renshaw also handles inventory delivery for job completions, hires capable equipment operators and laborers, and oversees the overall safety of the employees and the public. Mr. Renshaw has a California State Contractors License for general engineering (A), electrical (C-10), plumbing (C36), and sanitation systems (C42). Mr. Renshaw has been with Lewis & Tibbitts since 2001.

Michael Rasmussen

Mike Rasmussen — Secretary

Mike Rasmussen is responsible for organizing and scheduling maintenance of construction fleet and is in charge of supervising shop personnel, mechanics, and field equipment safety requirements for employees. Mr. Rasmussen upkeeps the equipment inventory and is able to provide detailed services to any malfunctioning equipment. Mr. Rasmussen provides a wealth of experience in the industry and has been with the company since its founding in 1973.

Donna McIntyre

Donna McIntyre — Treasurer

Donna McIntyre is the Corporate Controller and is responsible for producing accurate and complete monthly and annual financial statements. She manages the accounting for Lewis and Tibbitts. Donna coordinates and works with Lewis and Tibbitts’ CPAs for year-end financial review and tax preparation, and other accounting/financial issues which may arise. She also works closely with the project management team to compile and review job specific financials. Donna holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from San Jose State University and brings over 25 years of diverse accounting experience from a variety of industries. She has been with Lewis and Tibbitts since 2010.

John Mendes

John Mendes — Vice President, Human Resources

John Mendes is responsible for payroll and human resources. His HR duties include handling worker’s compensation, labor compliance, union agreements, and employee benefits. John has a background in engineering room supervision and maintenance with the merchant marines. He has over 20 years’ experience with HR, payroll and accounting. John has been with Lewis and Tibbitts since 1993.

James Rinauro

James Rinauro — Superintendent

James Rinauro supervises and directs employees on construction projects while maintaining a safe working environment. Mr. Rinauro has over 25 years of experience in the underground construction industry and has specialized knowledge of excavation, sewer systems, treatment plants, joint trench, electrical street lighting, and surface renovation. Mr. Rinauro has been with Lewis & Tibbitts since 2001.

Larry Quesada

Larry Quesada — Project Manager

Larry Quesada is responsible for organizing and scheduling construction crews for multiple project locations while supervising and directing employees on construction projects in the dry trenching aspect of Lewis & Tibbitts. Mr. Quesada provides extensive knowledge in the field of underground construction. Mr. Quesada has been with Lewis and Tibbitts since 2012.